Westfort’s New Normal

At the end of 2023 we added to our team, expanded our service offerings, and welcomed in a new era for Westfort Productions.

2024 is shaping up to be a monumental year for us, in more ways than one. As we embrace our new normal, there are several key values and priorities that we feel set us apart as a marketing agency in Thunder Bay. 

What sets us apart?
Here's what you need to know.

The 3-headed Popowich monster (Matt, Bryan, Jarret) might be the main optic to those who follow us online, but in reality our immediate team also includes a graphic designer, a photographer, and an audio engineer (not including other contract partners). Being able to offer a variety of services while running a lean agency gives us too many competitive advantages to list. But, since you’re wondering… here’s the top 4 that you need to know!

1. Flexible

1. Flexibility

One of the benefits to running a lean agency is our ability to easily pivot at a moment’s notice. When we (or our clients) have an idea, we can pull the team together and make it happen very quickly. Your business moves fast, your marketing agency should move even faster.

2. Efficient

Another benefit to being an agency of our size is, when clients want to discuss something, we can chat today, not next week – no booking into exhausted calendars or navigating ridiculously long email chains where agency billable hours rack up – That’s just not how we operate. We are available and accessible to our clients.

3. Selective

We only take on clients and projects that we are genuinely excited about. Larger marketing agencies can end up in the position of having to say “yes” to all prospective work because of the expenditures that come with running a large agency. This can result in employees working on projects that they aren’t passionate about or interested in. 

We only bring on clients that we feel a genuine connection with and we only take on projects that we are passionate about.

If we are working with you it means that we are invested and we care about your business – because of this, we give you our best work day in and day out.

4. Measurable Impact

In years past we’ve produced professional video for clients and then sat back and watched them post it improperly. I feel bad even saying this, but… sometimes clients flat out butcher their video post.  We’ve handed over fantastic video content, only to see it posted organically with no ad spend where it gets viewed for 48hours and then gets buried into the noisy social media abyss never to be seen again – we sit back and watch, and cringe, and sometimes almost cry. This doesn’t sit well with us, we want to help!

Our new normal involves offering all of our clients marketing support and campaign management. If you’re going to invest into a professional video, let us go a step further for you and leverage your video through an ad campaign where it has impact and measurable results for your business. This is why it’s important to work with an agency who cares about your business… We are fully behind you and we want to see you succeed.

Finally, our new normal involves everyone’s favourite topic, Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

Embracing AI

We like to joke about AI taking over our jobs, but in reality it’s actually the complete opposite. Because of AI, we have become both more creative and more efficient. Utilizing AI tools is part of our every work day. 

  • Integrating AI into our video editing provides unlimited creative elements that elevate the visual impact and add production value (and does all of that in less time!).
  • Tools providing AI insights, recommendations, copywriting, and predictive analytics all increase our marketing service ROI and efficiency. 
  • Thanks to AI, developing creative concepts, pitches, and spec ads have been taken to a whole new level.

This will be a topic we continue to dive into in future posts. 

Let's Wrap This Up

We hope that somehow through this long winded blog that you feel even just a little bit of our excitement! We’re passionate about what we do and we’re fortunate to have so many great clients and partners who make every day exciting. 

If you’re interested in exploring how we can help your business, drop us a line, we would be happy to connect with you and chat further.

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