Award Winning Video Campaign: Synergy North

Westfort Productions is excited and proud to have partnered with Synergy North in conceptualizing and producing their 2023 award winning video campaign – promoting their ‘Call Before You Dig’ safety message.

First Off...

A huge congratulations goes out to Synergy North for being presented with the Public Electrical Safety Excellence Award last night at the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) Awards Gala in Toronto, Ontario! 


(Queue my best ranting voice…)

This is such a great reminder: Corporate video doesn’t have to be stuffy or boring! More often than not, companies and large corporations want to produce video to promote a campaign or grow their brand influence, but they play it safe with a stale, predictable video concept…. which, in the end, no one watches and no one remembers!

Ok, rant over. 

Well Deserved Award!

We’re so excited for Synergy North for this well deserved recognition. A big shout out to their leadership team for having an open mind and trusting us with an outside-the-box video concept that most large companies would likely brush off as ‘silly’ or not serious enough.

“Transforming this safety message into a video made it relatable, easy to understand and memorable. As a short, informative and entertaining feature, it swiftly catches viewers’ interest, with neighbour Jerry ensuring a lasting impression,” says Amy Kembel, Manager, Human Resources & Safety. “Our team is honoured to receive this recognition for such an important initiative.”

Check out the video!

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