Stop Doing This!

Don't Waste Your Video, We Beg You...

We’ve produced professional video for clients, handed the finished product over to them, only to see clients post the video with no campaign, strategy, or ad spend of any kind. What happens? It gets views for 2 days and then it gets completely lost in the noisy social media abyss. 

All of that investment, creativity, hard work, and barely anyone sees the finished product.

When your video is not run as a paid ad campaign,
the impact is a fraction of what could’ve been.

Could’ve. Would’ve. Should’ve – 3 words that we hate. 

If you’re going to invest in producing quality video with us, let us help you ensure your content actually connects with and impacts its intended audience. I mean, that is the whole point, isn’t it?

Your video (or any marketing content for that matter) needs a delivery strategy!

Here’s how we prefer to frame our client conversations to determine the ideal type of content that we create and how we leverage it across social media and ad platforms.

1. Purpose

What are we trying to accomplish? What problems are we trying to solve? Examples being: increased brand awareness, Increased sales, recruitment marketing, etc.

2. Audience and Delivery

Who is your target audience? What social media or ad platforms are you already established on? Where have you had success in the past? What new opportunities and delivery methods are available to us that you haven’t considered before?

3. Approach

Video Content – What style of video will best connect with your intended audience? (Concept based, informational, talking head, narration, etc etc.) How long should it be? What ‘feel’ and ‘tonality’ will be most effective in sharing your story.

Strategy – What campaign approach and ad types will be most effective in reaching your intended audience? (awareness ads, traffic ads, conversion ads, etc). What video format will receive the most engagement? Stories? Vertical reels? Long form content? 

It’s a bit more complicated and nuanced than this, but honestly not a whole lot more. When we begin with this framework we put you on the path to success. It’s important to work with a marketing agency and partner who cares about you and your business. At the end of the day, we truly want to see you succeed. 

If you have a marketing team who can take your video content and run paid ads, fantastic! But, if you just plan to post your video organically and hope for the best, let’s have a conversation first. You might just be surprised at what options are available to you.