Ad Campaigns

Reach and Engage your target audience


You have a problem and we have a solution for you. Your ineffective ad campaign is not only a waste of resources, it can damage your brand's reputation.

Westfort's approach to performance marketing ensures your brand reaches and impacts your ideal audience with a memorable marketing experience.

Creativity + Strategy Combined

Tired of ineffective ad campaigns? Us too. Combining creativity with strategy is critical and, lucky for you, we combine both.

Scroll-stopping creativity grabs attention, while effective strategy ensures goals are met. You can have the most polished ad funnels in place, but without engaging creative content it’s all for nothing. The dynamic duo of creativity and strategy is what drives successful campaigns, captures your audience’s attention, and achieves desired outcomes.

Whether you want to build brand awareness, or generate leads in a specific area, we’ve got you covered. Westfort’s performance marketing services ensures that your brand remains ahead of the curve, gaining results and a competitive edge in the digital realm.

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Our Process

Excellence and attention to detail every step of the day.

In the first stage we develop the campaign strategy. We'll consult with you to establish:

  • the campaign objectives
  • identify the target audience
  • develop creative concepts
  • determine the ideal social media and ad platform and the particular ad formats needed for each platform
  • ensure the calls-to-action are clear and concise.

Here's where we develop all of the creative assets and media needed for the campaign. We will:

  • produce and edit video
  • capture photography
  • write ad messaging and written copy
  • design supplementary campaign assets or still ads if needed

Now it's time to setup the various ad sets needed on the chosen social media and pay-per-click ad platforms. 

We will meticulously ensure target audience, geographic locations, and budgets are solidified.

We continually watch ads and campaign performance, planning our our next move. 

When a campaign is thriving we re-edit ads to add back into the mix and fan the flame. On the flip side, when an ad has paid its dues, we produce and launch fresh creative. 

Ongoing stats and analytics are summarized and shared with our clients throughout the campaign.

We really hate to be the bearers of bad news, but if your current campaign is built around still graphic ads or gimmicky animations, you have fallen behind the times. 

The good news is, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take your brand and marketing where it needs to go.