Video Production BTS: Behind the Jones Insurance 40th Video

Turning a box of old photos and newspaper ads into a video.

This project began with the client handing us a shoe box filled with photos and newspaper clippings and saying, “Best of luck, Boys!” We’ve been able to build a great relationships with Jones Insurance and it’s pretty cool that Jeff Jones and his team have that level of trust in us.

Capturing over 40 years of both business and family legacy into a 90-second video only using archived images and documents… it might sound straightforward, but initiating it was challenging at first. We sat and stared at everything, but it wasn’t until we began experimenting behind the camera that the creative ideas began to emerge.

It’s safe to say that 9 out of 10 of our projects begin with a crystal clear vision that guides our creative process from beginning to end. That being said, every once in a while there are projects like this one… where we just have to dive in and get our hands dirty, experiment with different ideas behind the camera, and then the creative process sort of organically leads itself as different inspiration comes to us along the way.

Behind The Scenes

For this project, our creative experimenting began with projecting images onto a television from the 80s, and then filming the screen to recapture the images. The tone and the feel of capturing footage this way just felt right – we don’t know how else to describe it. It’s remarkable how those pictures from the shoebox gradually wove together to narrate the story as we sifted through the images.

Once we had established some visuals and an overall tone, it came time to write a script, choose music, and find the perfect narrator to carry this story. We choose music and a voice that felt like a 90’s crime documentary – it just seems to fit the tone perfectly.

The 40th graphic featured in the video was created by our good friend Pulp + Paper Creative who we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with many times over the years.

Congratulations to Jones Insurance on this massive milestone. We’re already excited for the 50th-anniversary video.

Check it out the final video!

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