Video Production BTS: The Secret World of Men and Medical Aesthetics

We recently wrapped up a video production for one of our clients, Elegance Medical Aesthetics. It’s always a bit of a dream scenario when we have a video concept paired with an open minded client who gives us full creative freedom throughout the process.

In the world of skincare and beauty, there’s a common misconception that it’s a realm reserved exclusively for women. However, the tides are changing, and more men are dipping their toes into the world of medical aesthetic treatments. But what happens when these guys are too embarrassed to admit it to their friends? Our latest video project takes a comedic dive into this very scenario.

The Inspiration Behind the Video

The inspiration for our video project stemmed from a simple observation: the growing trend of men taking an interest in their appearance and skin health, juxtaposed with the stigma that often discourages them from openly discussing these things with their friends. We imagined sharing an amusing paradox – men sneaking around, going to great lengths to hide their aesthetic appointments from their peers, all while absolutely loving their experiences at the spa. It was a comedy goldmine waiting to be explored.

The Creative Process

The plot revolves around a group of guy friends getting together to watch the game. Given that this ad was released the same week as the superbowl, it only made sense that the group of pals were watching a football game. Producing a comedic video ad requires a fine balance between sharing an exaggerated illustration without taking it too far (easier said than done!). We brainstormed, developed characters that were relatable, and made up ridiculous alibis for each character.

Video Production - Key Shots

In pre-production we planned several shots that we felt helped establish the main characters and really drive home a few key reactions that we wanted to emphasize.

Whether we were capturing the character’s awkwardness and embarrassment, or their enjoyment, it was important to find a balance between featuring wide angle shots alongside opportunities to get up close and personal.

The Objective Behind the Laughter

While the video primarily aims to entertain the viewer and build brand awareness of Elegance Medical Aesthetics, it also pokes fun at a common gender stereotype.


Although subtle in this video production, the backdrop always plays an important role in setting the scene. We’ve found that it’s fairly easy to recruit 6-7 extras in the background when you promise them wings, taco dip, mozza sticks, and a few other greasy snacks.

Reception and Impact

The video quickly gained traction on social media, sparking conversations and hilarious reactions across various social media platforms. Viewers commented on the humorous approach to a rarely discussed topic. It is always rewarding to see a video ad strike a relatable chord and resonate with a large audience.


This funny video production about guys too embarrassed to admit they love their medical aesthetic treatments is more than just a comedic sketch; for our client, it’s a combination of brand awareness as well as a conversation starter.

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