What’s the Cost?

What will your video prduction cost? I don’t know, honestly I don’t …. I say this and I’m truly not trying to be difficult, aloof, facetious or any other big word that describes my inability to quickly articulate what a video production costs.  It is the most common question we are asked in client connections and it should be. It is the first stage of deciphering what we are going to be able to produce with our clients.  

Ask Chat GPT what a video production costs and as AI does, it provides you with an ocean of answers – most that I don’t agree with.  Totals based on run times, odd fee ranges, random hourly rates etc. 

There are times I wish it was as simple as a square foot calculation but that would take all the fun of this, wouldn’t it?

We typically find ourselves in a chicken & egg scenario, a delicate dance of “what is your budget” vs “just tell me what it costs, already”.  Fair enough, this is our business we should damn well have a good answer, except we don’t.

Walk with me for a moment through one of your city’s fine Used Car Dealerships.  You know you need a car, everyone tells you just have to have one if you want to get around.  A car is simply the only way to go. But how much are you willing to spend? Do you want 4 wheel drive?  That extra row of seating is nice, and man that leather sure is luxurious. Of course the more important question is “What do you need?”  

What do you need your video to accomplish?  How do we make sure it meets your goals? Is it going to be shot over multiple days in various locations?  Does it need actors, a script, a voice over? How about a sweet drone establishing shot to open it up? Are we animating text?  Are we going with good licensed music OR fantastic music??

Are we getting anywhere yet?  I don’t think so and really that’s ok.

Each video production project is unique to the individual, business or organization we are working with.  Therefore every recipe that is concocted to give them the engaging piece of content they deserve should be distinctive to their brand.  I mean, we aren’t just shingling roofs over here.

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