"Life is too short to blend in."

Paris Hilton

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The Crew


Matt Popowich

As a gemini and an attention starved middle child, Matt comes by his need for your approval on his work honestly. He is the creative and technical engine behind the Westfort Productions brand. Never afraid to get his hands dirty in the pursuit of perfection, Matt is fearless in his passion for video – his drive matched only by his imposing physique and impressive beard cultivation.


Bryan Popowich

In a previous life, Bryan spent 10 years as a Television Producer, learning the in’s and outs of production management, client relations and business operations. Now, Bryan is essentially the air traffic controller of Westfort Productions, keeping Matt’s crazy ideas on course so they don’t crash into each other, blow up and rain down in a fiery hell.


It’s a fact that some of the greatest strides ever taken by humanity were the product of a powerful and visionary partnership – Simon & Garfunkel, Doc & Marty, Mary-Kate & Ashley.  Westfort Productions is no different.

Founded by Matt and Bryan Popowich, and proudly named after the neighbourhood they call home, Westfort Productions crafts authentic, engaging visual content that brings people and brands together.

We don’t wear suits, we don’t do titles, and above all, we don’t make it complicated. Most days we don’t even shave.

We listen, we collaborate, and we create. We work with our clients – nope, sorry, partners – to craft compelling, audience-centered stories and exceptional visual content that excites, captivates and inspires action.

You want concept development? You got it. Script writing? No problem. You need some robust strategic thinking? We’ve got you covered.

We give every job the attention it deserves.  We take the time to know you and your brand. And then we create content that grabs people by the cojones and doesn’t let go.